Hugo Pondz


Hugo Pondz, a visionary artist of color and silence. Belgian-born Hugo Pondz creates minimalist landscapes in mesmerizing blue. Quickly exhibited in major galleries, his works adorn numerous private collections around the world, especially in France, England, China and the United States.

Exploring intimate scenes of daily life, where loneliness and humanity rival emptiness, he captures and transcends human introspection. In an interview, he reveals that his art aims to create unique atmospheres supported by carefully planned staging, combining color with silence to create a unique vibration in his paintings. He insists on perspective, offering scenes of palpable solitude, sometimes with slight moments of silence. Here the figure, most often seen from behind, seems immersed in deep contemplation or introspection. Nor can he deny his association with the master of metaphysical painting, whose works, populated by emptiness and deeply shaded architecture, sound like distant echoes. But for him, art is also about asking questions of society and how it functions.

In his new series, he tackles difficult subjects, such as the tragic events of 9/11, to provoke reflection. More than a simple wall decoration, some of his works are a call to analyze common beliefs. “Painting is not just about decorating a wall, it’s also about asking questions.” – Hugo Pondz

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