Our art journey began 7 years ago and continues uninterrupted to this day. After numerous travels and meetings with artists and art galleries from around the world, we decided to create a Contemporary Art Gallery based on our experiences, offering limited series of prints of works by painters and photographers.

Why limited series?

It often happens that original paintings by recognized artists have high value or quickly find their way into the hands of new owners. We want anyone interested in art to be able to afford their favorite motifs – whether they are established collectors or just starting their adventure in the world of art. Hence the idea of creating high-quality limited series of photographic prints that reflect the original works of the artists.

Our artworks are created in limited series, which means that their quantity is limited. We release all artists’ works exclusively in a specific number of several dozen copies, each of which comes with an authenticity certificate bearing the handwritten signature of the author. This gives customers a sense of exclusivity and makes the artworks truly unique. After a particular motif is sold out, we guarantee that its production or reissue will not take place. We strive to avoid mass factory production.

Authenticity Certificate ART ME. Limited Edition

Every artist we collaborate with grants us a license to print their work. This means that their work will be available in the form of a limited edition under acrylic glass exclusively in our gallery. Each copy available in our offering comes with an authenticity certificate bearing an individual serial number and the handwritten signature of the author of the work. This gives customers the confidence that they are purchasing an original piece of art.


We travel, we meet extraordinary people from

the world of art, and we establish new contacts.


Utilizing these experiences, we gather the most intriguing works

in a modern style and present them to you in our Gallery.


We invite you to join us in the shared exploration of art,

getting to know exceptional artists, and acquiring their creations!

Iwona & Edyta Grzyb

Iwona (pictured right) – lives and works in Germany. Until 2017, she worked as a Market Intelligence Manager in the energy sector for General Electric. Since 2015, she has been intensively involved in art and the sale of artworks. Thanks to her knowledge and experience, together with her sister Edyta she founded the ART ME. Gallery. She is responsible for sales, strategy, organising events, making new contacts in the world and finding young talents.
young talents.

Edyta – Although she graduated in engineering in 2012, she soon decided to pursue a career as an artist. Edyta specialises in acrylic painting. She immediately established herself in the international art scene; her works have been developing promisingly in value ever since. For several years, the painter has participated in exhibitions in Hamburg, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels and Warsaw. She also exhibits her works at art fairs – including in cities such as New York, Hong Kong, London. At ART ME. she is responsible for the creative elements of the gallery. She also decides on the selection of works to be sold

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